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Teatox Herbal Tea for Cleanse (14+2 tea bag)

Did you know that these detox tea can be a cleaner in your body?
100% natural herbal detox tea!
Ingredients: Cassia, Green Tea, Lolus Leaf, Hawthorn, Orange Peels, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Rose, Winter Melon, Mangosteen.
Such as:
Rose efficacy: Relieving fatigue, soothing, anti-depression, promoting blood circulation, beauty and promoting metabolism.
Green Tea efficacy: Anti-aging, cleanse, Keep your spirits.
Orange peels efficacy: Promotes intestinal peristalsis, promotes digestion, and make the skin delicate.
Cassia seed efficacy: Remove rubbish from the liver , nourishes the stomach and intestines, helps the stool to pass smoothly, lowers blood pressure and lowers blood fat.
Lotus leaf efficacy: Effectively break down fat in the body, prevent fat accumulation.
Winter melon efficacy: Protecting kidney and diuretic, breaking down fat and losing weight.


Please insist on using 1-3 packs daily!
Use it for 2-3 months.You will have amazing changes!
DETOX TEA Effect – New natural ingredients to condition the body and restore the body to balance.Help body cleanse and fight bloating, reduce oil absorption.
Natural ingredients – 100% natural herbal tea, gentle tea, No hormones, No side effects, no caffeine&laxative.
Taste – Fragrant, unsmooth, sweet.Use about 8oz 80-100oC hot water drew it 5-7mins.We can let everyone will like this taste. For better results, please do not add any honey and sugar.
Other Suggestion – is recommended to be taken in conjunction with a healthy energy-controlled diet and regular exercise.
Note – This product is Dietary Supplements and is not a substitute for medicines. If you feel unwell, please stop using it.

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