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Push-Up Pump

The Emson original Push Up Pump was developed to solve a serious quandary in the exercise world: Most people are simply unable to do pushups! Pushups provide an excellent full body workout that combines cardio with muscle building, yet many of us can barely do a singe pushup! This is where the brilliance of the Push Up Pump comes in. This system allows you to enjoy the benefits of pushups without straining your back or falling on your face. The pump’s unique design supports your body while you lift so that you can execute numerous types of pushups and planks to target your core muscle groups including: Biceps, triceps, obliques, chest, shoulders and even back. The Push-Up Pump can also provide support for your upper body as you do many other exercises, helping you achieve those rock hard abs that you’ve always wanted! With 1000s of satisfied customers, the Push Up Pump is guaranteed to pump your workout to the next level!Firm, Strengthen, Tone
Provides the same incredible body sculpting benefit as a gym full of machines in your house
Puts you into the perfect position to engage muscles simultaneously for total body workout
Supports body weight while adding resistance to allow hard-to-do pushups and advanced pumps
3 different hand positions vary your workout- Upper grip, inside grip, and outer grip

Price: $64.49
(as of Dec 16,2019 15:39:43 UTC – Details)

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