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IronMind Expand-Your-Hand Bands: Original, Authentic, Effective

Prevent, eliminate or reduce elbow pains, make your hands feel good, and boost your grip strength training with IronMind Expand-Your-Hand Bands. Fun to use and amazingly effective, these bands were developed by IronMind, the world leader in grip strength and hand health, in 2004 and since then have proven their effectiveness whether used alone or as a complement to Captains of Crush, Zenith or IMTUG grippers. Sold as a 10-pack that includes two complete sets of five bands – each band is a different strength and is color coded for quick identification. Keep one set at home and one at work, ready to use. Besides their physical benefits, IronMind Expand-Your-Hand Bands are terrific stress reducers too, so keep one in your pocket or purse – instead of grinding your teeth and raising your blood pressure, do a few relaxing reps and make something good come from an unpleasant situation. IronMind Expand-Your-Hand Bands are made in the USA of a durable latex-free and non-petroleum-based material that is UV and ozone resistant. Get ready to kiss that elbow pain goodbye.Promotes hand health through muscle balance hand exercise bands
Prevents, reduces, or cures pain from nerve damage, arthritis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, or repetitive stress
Focuses on extensors, maximizing hand strength
Bands offer five levels of resistance, color-coded for ease of use, two full sets of five bands per package
Made of a durable, latex-free and non-petroleum based material that is UV and ozone resistant

Price: $13.95
(as of Nov 21,2019 12:55:58 UTC – Details)

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