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Grip Strength Dynamics: Achieving Peak Performance

When developing grip strength you need a clear-cut method to achieve your goals. How do you get there? Focus on creating a powerful plan of action through program design.

After years of having continuous setbacks, I set out to find a new way of improving my hand strength. Having certified on the Captains of Crush No.3 back in 2012, I knew there needed to be a better way of programming my grip.

One day I had a strange thought that changed everything. What if the problem is how you approach a program and not just, how you attempt to beat a personal best?

Developing new ideas began to emerge. Methods I had never come across opened the doorway and helped to bring me closer to my goals I thought would never happen. Taking a chance on this program, I was able to close grippers, pull thick bar, and pinch, as I have never done in the past.

I present to you Grip Strength Dynamics, a new way of achieving peak performance.

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