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Captains of Crush COC Silver Bullet

The CoC Silver Bullet will put you on target for your grip strength goals. Hang a small weight from the strap, slip the end of the CoC Silver Bullet in between the handles of your favorite Captains of Crush (CoC) Gripper, clamp down and hang on for dear life. If you let the gripper open even a hair, the Silver Bullet will fall to the ground, marking your best effort. With a knurled finish, and a diameter matched to a CoC Gripper, the Silver Bullet is 19 mm long on a 19-inch strap that’s good for 1,000 lb. Besides taking advantage of the idea that you can train grip strength by holding a weight between the handles, the CoC Silver Bullet solves the problem of people who think their hands might be either too big or too small for a gripper. (see John Brookfield’s MILO article, “Hand Grippers: Closing the Gap” (July 1996, Vol. 4, No. 2). The CoC Silver Bullet debuted in world-class grip strength events in 2012 and it’s readily available to everyone who trains at home as well.Another grip tool innovation from IronMind, grip central since 1988
Trains your grip strength in a novel, fun way
Helps you move up to the next level CoC Gripper
Allows you to train for stamina as well as strength
The CoC Silver Bullet Hold is a world standard in grip strength

Price: $14.95 - $15.95
(as of Dec 30,2019 18:15:49 UTC – Details)

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